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October 5, 2013

The TarantinosNYC at Otto's Shrunken Head

The TarantinosNYC are not to be confused with the Tarantinos, a British seven-piece band that operates from a similar premise, playing music that either was or should have been in director Quentin Tarantino’s movies. The TarantinosNYC is a local quartet that formed in 2005 and frequently performs at Unsteady Freddy’s Surf Shindig at Otto’s Shrunken Head on the first Saturday of each month. The TarantinosNYC recorded a CD, 2009’s Super Sounds of the Cinema. The band is comprised of Tricia on bass, Paul Tarantino on guitar, Brian Tarantino on keys and rhythm guitar, and Joey Tarantino on drums.
At Otto’s tonight, The TarantinosNYC cross-faded 60's-70's surf, spy and spaghetti western music with original instrumentals. They gracefully moved, for instance, from an original composition, “Fistful of Reverb,” to cinema’s “Fistful of Dollars.” With no lyrics to be heard, the overall sound was powered by echoing guitar leads. One might expect then that most of the set would have sounded all too similar, but Paul Tarantino played enough of a variety of styles to keep the show interesting and the audience grooving. Plus, answer a movie quiz question and you take home the yellow lei that hung from the microphone stand. More than a novelty band, the TarantinosNYC is a cleverly-conceived music event – a soundtrack to a night at the movies without sorting through the film’s plot intrigues.

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by delarue


The surf didn’t stop when the tide came up and the sun went down, either. Since this was the first Saturday of the month, tireless promoter Unsteady Freddie ( was putting on his monthly surf show at Otto’s. By half past eleven, the TarantinosNYC ( had taken the stage. They’re an unlikely-looking bunch – jazz drummer, metal guitarist, rock bassist and pop keyboardist – but they have the kind of chemistry that comes from constant gigging and the kind of diverse, cinematic sound their name implies. And they don’t just do songs from Tarantino movies: this particular show featured a lot of unpredictable, anthemic originals, a digression into Link Wray like the one on the boardwalk earlier in the day but with a lot more alcohol involved, and finally a majestically lurid version of ... You Only Live Twice.  
TARANTINOSNYC sent us Super Sounds Of The Cinema - If surf is your thing, then the TarantinosNYC are all yours. This album is a superb rendition of all your fave pulp classics. The musicianship skills of this band will make you move, shake and twist as you catch the next wave of drinks comin’ your way.

CD Review in NY Waste Magazine
Response of Davie Allen, King of the Fuzz Guitar, to seeing us perform 2 of his songs
Re: The TarantinosNYC cover DAVIE ALLAN! 2 UnsteadyFreddie Videos... (Devil's Rumble and Blues Theme)
--- In,

"It's extremely rare when I can make a positive statement about covers of my old recordings but those two are GREAT!!!
Thanks Freddie,
Recommendation from
Lucid Culture
6/15/11  [See] The eclectic, funny, ferociously tuneful instrumental rockers TarantinosNYC  

Otto's Review 2/6/2010

By Carene Lydia Lopez
Every once in a while you’re lucky enough to experience one of those magical musical nights. Last Saturday I was lucky enough. It was a night of surf music organized by Unsteady Freddie at an East Village tiki bar.

We found seats inside to see The TarantinosNYC with Tricia on bass, Paul Tarantino on guitar, Brian Tarantino on keys and rhythm guitar, and Joey Tarantino on drums. They play surf, spy, soul, and spaghetti western music and we heard it all. We also got to hear some of their originals like “Naked in Tahiti (with Marlon Brando)” from their new cd. The band was having a lot of fun and playing the best I’ve ever heard. And even better? BrooklynBabyDoll was dancing for them in a black fringed bikini, fishnets, heels, black opera gloves, Bettie Page hair without the bangs, and the biggest false eyelashes and reddest lips you ever saw. She was a burlesque dream and a real woman with a real woman’s body. I have no idea how she had that much energy.

Brooklyn Baby Doll and Unsteady Freddie:

Don Hill's Review
By Blue Stingraye:
Aloha Katz & Kittens

I had a chance to catch a surf band this weekend called the TarantinosNYC ( They kicked it a multi band event at Don Hills in lower Manhattan. It was my first time seeing the TarantinosNYC and Don Hills ( Don Hills is a wonderful venue, with a killer sound system and full stage complete with riser for the drum kit.

I arrived early enough to able to catch the opening punk band, Jersey Mayhem, in the multi-band line up. The club was full, I'd say 50 people minimum, but more were added before the Tarantinos took the stage at 9:45 pm. As the opening band was a young punk band the average age of the patron was about 21-25 yrs. old. And these kids loved the TarantinosNYC.

The TarantinosNYC are a high intensity band with a sensual sound that got the audience grooving on the dance floor before the end of the first tune. They opened with the little known Bullwinkle before shoving the set into 5th gear with the classic Out of Limits. Brian Tarantino put down his rhythm git and picked up the keyboard for some haunting harmonies in Out of Limits. But nothing could have prepared me for the they way they blasted out the Los Straightjackets Rockula. They did play one original, Fistful of Reverb, a spaghetti western with tango beat. I anxiously await more originals after getting just a small appe-teaser like this one.

And when was the last time any of you had the pleasure of taking part in a mosh pit?? Well you should have been at the show on Saturday because when the TarantinosNYC broke into Miserlou thats what broke out in front of the stage. And speaking of breaking, as the band closed with the Theme from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, several patrons decided to break dance on the dance floor in front of the band.

My only complaint is that the set was waaaay to short, just 30 mins., but I am hoping that they get to play longer on December 3 when they appear at the Surf Shindig at Otto's Shunken Head (
Aloha, mahalo
Blue StingRaye

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